Media are invited to attend the 2016 National Conference on Peer Support

Leading Recovery

NCPS 2016 Media Release

This conference welcomes people from across Canada and around the world and includes:

  • 400 attendees from across medical and mental health fields;
  • 3 keynote speakers with greetings from influential others;
  • Over 90 workshop presenters and 48 sessions;
  • 10 exhibitors

The NCPS is held biennially, the first being held in Halifax in 2014. The location for 2018 is yet to be announced.


PSACC has an accreditation process in place for onsite media attending the NCPS.

As the conference is sold out, the venue will be at maximum capacity. Media visits will need to be coordinated.

Accreditation Process
  1. Review the schedule for visit timings;
  2. Send an email to requesting accreditation
    • Please be sure to include:
      • start/end time expected onsite;
      • affiliation
      • deadlines (if any)
      • requirements (interviews, access)
  3. Respond by email confirming attendance. Media passes can be picked up at the registration table the day of.

Spokespersons, select participant​s​ and subject matter experts are available for interview i​n​ the days leading up to the event.


Attn: Jon O’Connor, Communications PSACC