Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice is a group of people who have a common interest, and wish to learn and share with others. Connecting with others sharing our passions can the best part of a conference. At the National Conference on Peer Support we have created a space for peer supporters and champions to connect with those doing similar work, learn, share promising practices, identity areas for collaboration, and more. We are hosting several Community of Practice “Meet Ups” on the Sunday evening:

  • COP1: Youth Peer Supporters
  • COP2: Peer Support in the Workplace
  • COP3: Family Peer Support
  • COP4: Peer Support and First Responders/Fire Fighters/Police/Vets
  • COP5: Research on Peer Support
  • COP6: Recovery College
  • COP7: Peer Support Mentors

You can register online here

These in person Meet Ups are designed to be informal gatherings with a simple agenda:

  • Connect with others in your specific area of interest
  • Learn about the work of others
  • Share what you are passionate about
  • Explore how you want to stay connected and continue the conversations

Peer Support Canada will support logistics moving forward (hosting virtual meetings, creating a dedicated online portal, etc.)